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Meet The Team

The "Music Maker"

Bobby Simmons

The late Bobby Simmons was the owner and operator of Music Maker since 2009. Unfortunately, Bobby passed away in early 2021. Bobby was an incredible business man who was respected by everyone he came in contact with. In Music Maker, he was known for his keyboard skills and how he could sell just about anything (especially a keyboard) once he played his "special run" for the customer.  Bobby said, “I have made so many good friends all over the world through music and The Music Maker.” Bobby also loved each employee he hired like a son or brother. He once said, "We have a team here that is all-in.” "Once you accomplish that, the rest is downhill!" 


As I write this, as a once employee of Bobby Simmons, I can say Bobby was the most genuine, loving, caring boss anyone could ever ask for. We miss him and his presence in the shop daily, but the one thing we know for sure is that if he were still here, he would tell us to keep going and push to further the business. So, that's what we shall do. 

Bobby Simmons 1958 - 2021 "One of a Kind"

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