Music Maker USA is a South Carolina based audio, video, and lighting company. 
We are focused on providing the finest audio, video, and lighting experience to churches, schools, theaters, clubs, and commercial venues. With our knowledgeable staff and large inventory selection,
you can be sure that Music Maker will be here to meet all of your needs large or small.
If you need to repair your system, build a new one, or simply upgrade your existing system, 
Music Maker's experience enables us to provide you with the system you want with the budget
you have. Whether you are preaching or singing we will make sure
that your message will be heard comfortably and clearly. 


Bobby Simmons
Bobby Simmons:  "The Music Maker"

The late Bobby Simmons was the owner and operator of Music Maker since 2009. Unfortunately, Bobby passed away in early 2021. Bobby was an incredible business man who was respected by everyone he came in contact with. In Music Maker he was known for his keyboard skills and how he could sell just about anything (especially a keyboard) once he played his "special run" for the customer.  Bobby said, “I have made so many good friends all over the world through music and The Music Maker.” Bobby also loved each employee he hired like a son or brother. He once said, "We have a team here that is all-in.” "Once you accomplish that, the rest is downhill!" 


As I write this, as a once employee of Bobby Simmons, I can say Bobby was the most genuine, loving, caring boss anyone could ever ask for. We miss him and his presence in the shop daily, but the one thing we know for sure is that if he were still here, he would tell us to keep going and push to further the business. So, that's what we shall do. 

Bobby Simmons 1958 - 2021 "One of a Kind"

Don Dockery:  Service Department Manager


Don joined our team in early 2017. Don currently oversees our service department and came to us with over 30 years of experience. Don started in the music industry working on electronic musical instruments and Hammond organs for Rice Music. From 1980 - 1988 Don worked with Dixie Communications installing and repairing sound equipment. From 1988 - 2016 Don was self-employed servicing and installing church organs, digital keyboards, sound, video and lighting systems. 

Kayla Baker:  Account Manager


Kayla joined our team in early 2021. Kayla keeps all things with account management in line. Since coming on board she has been a huge asset to the team as a whole.


Dalton Kelly:  Project Manager


Dalton joined us part-time while in college in 2018 then came on full time in 2019 right after graduation. He graduated with a BA in Mass Communications with a focus in Broadcast Media from North Greenville University. Dalton also has a background in live sound production. He joined us as an install tech and has grown into a project management position. He now works closely with our Churches, Business Owners, and Venue Management to ensure all of our projects are a success and that the customer is pleased and confident at the end of each project. He loves working with clients from start to finish to see their vision become reality. 

Logan White:  Installation Technician  


Logan joined our team in mid 2020. He currently works on our installation team and assists with service calls and trainings when needed. Logan leads and is very active in his church AVL team from week to week. 


Brayden Cartee:  Installation Technician  


Brayden joined our team in October of 2020. He currently works on our installation team and assists with service calls and trainings when needed. Brayden has been leading his AVL media team at his church for many years and loves all things Audio, Video, Lighting.


Cooper Owen:  Installation Technician  


Cooper joined our team in November of 2020. He currently works on our installation team and assists with service calls and trainings when needed. Cooper also serves on his church AVL team. 


Matt Schwarts:  Installation Technician  


Matt joined our team in November 2020. He currently works on our installation team and assists with service calls when needed. Matt has __ years of experience in this industry. Matt has mixed for many talents here and around the world over the years. He has toured with many bands as FOH engineer and is the FOH engineer for Jason Upton. Matt also has just as many years of experience in the studio production realm. He loves this industry and always makes sure the customer is pleased with any job before leaving. 


Fur Employees

Biscuit: Employee Complaint Manager


Biscuit joined our team in March of 2021. His skills include sleeping and having the zoomies at anytime of his choosing. Biscuit also serves as our greeter at the Easley location.